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We show personalized provider profiles to patients seeking a better healthcare experience, enabling their best health outcomes.

Caralyst For Physicians and Hospital Groups

Over 50% of doctors report symptoms of burnout. We give doctors a chance to see more patients that they are uniquely suited to support. This improves quality and efficacy of care, which has been shown to increase fulfillment and reduce burnout.

Caralyst is value driven, so we're saying goodbye to one-dimensional reviews. A five star doctor for me is not a five star doctor for you. Our specific, multidimensional review system lets doctors shine in providing care as they know best, without putting their reputation on the line.

Caralyst maintains the highest ethical standards. We are HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant, we work with your preferred scheduling systems, we will protect your reputation, and we will never cut into your profit margins.If you're a provider, become an early adopter now to stay listed on our platform free for life.

Caralyst For Patients of All Backgrounds

Find the perfect provider to support your needs, whose values also align with your own. Know who is treating you before you even walk in to your appointment.

Humanistic Matches

You tell us what matters in your healthcare experience. We take care of the rest, giving you a personalized selection of providers just for you.

Full Transparency

See the reasons why we believe you and the provider are a good fit. We also show you information about their personal and educational backgrounds.

Schedule with Ease

We tell you the office location, address, and the insurance plans the doctor accepts. Schedule appointments easily through doctor's existing methods.

Support Others

Your multidimensional reviews help others like you. If you tell us a doctor effectively supports your needs, we'll show them to others with similar needs!

How Does it Work?

Providers take a survey about their values and the patient populations they can best support.Patients tell us their values and traits they need in a doctor in a similar survey.

After patients enter their information, we run a multilayered matching algorithm delivering personalized results.Patients can browse through each recommendation, filter through location and insurance, and see all the reasons why they are compatible with specific providers.

That's it! Our service is completely free for use. Save your favorite doctors, call and email them directly, or even have us call them for you. We're here to deliver to most value to both patients and physicians.

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