The Future of Primary Healthcare
A simple, patient-centered way to find a doctor who works for you.
Meet Caralyst
The Caralyst platform offers a personalized and curated selection of physicians to help you find the right healthcare provider – all at the touch of your fingertips.
Our Mission Statement
Our innovative machine learning algorithm asks you questions to better understand your identity, communication style, and personal characteristics and allow a perfect match with our doctors. You'll have doctors who understand you. Doctors who respect you. Doctors who you can trust. Because when you choose us, you'll no longer be seen as a list of symptoms. You are a human being, and you will be treated like one.
Humanistic Matching
The identities we share can define who we are and impact every aspect of our lives. Your personal characteristics play a large role in how we find you a doctor that is the right fit.

Our product pairs this information with scenario-based questions to gauge which physicians you would have the strongest relationship with, helping you establish a sense of trust even before your first appointment. Our anonymity guarantee ensures that your data is safe with us.
Full Transparency
After learning more about you and your needs through our series of questions, you will be matched with a curated selection of doctors. For each doctor, you will see why we believe they would be a good match, alongside a detailed physician profile.
Holistic Feedback System
Following a visit with the provider of your choice, you will have the opportunity to review your patient experience. Your feedback will help us improve our matching algorithm and improve the service for future patients. The feedback forms are tailored to your needs– providing information to us on care issues that are important to you.

The details of the review remain private, sparing the doctor’s reputation but allowing them to better understand their style of care. Patients can help us create a more granular, organized platform for physician reviews instead of the current one-dimensional five-star review system.
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