Making healthcare more human, one match at a time.

We provide personalized physician profiles to patients seeking a compatible doctor for longitudinal care and the best health outcomes.

Caralyst For Physicians and Hospital Groups

Over 50% of doctors reported symptoms of burnout due to conflicts with patients. Giving doctors a chance to see more patients that they can adequately support not only increases the quality of care they can give, but also reduces their stress levels.

Caralyst is value driven, and we're saying goodbye to numerical reviews. A five star doctor for me is not a five star doctor for you, yet these numbers significantly magnify the stress on doctors. Doctors can do what they do best now, without putting their reputation on the line.

Caralyst maintains the highest ethical standards. We are HIPAA & SOCII compliant, we will work in tangent with your preferred scheduling systems, we will protect your reputation, and we will never cut into your profit margins.

If you're a doctor, become one of our early adopters now to get a life-time free listing to our platform.

Caralyst For Patients of All Backgrounds

Find a doctor who's the perfect match to support your needs, whose values also align with your own. All at the comfort of your home.

Humanistic Matching

You tell us what matters in choosing your doctor, and we provide you with a personalized selection of the doctors that best match your values and needs.

Full Transparency

See the reasons why we believe they're a good fit, as well as reasons why you might not match.

We'll Call On Your Behalf

See multiple doctors you like and too busy to call? We'll call them for you and ask them to call you back!

Support Others

Your reviews help other patients with similar traits. For example, If a doctor was good at supporting your religion, we'll show them more to others with the same religion!

How Does it Work?

Physicians on our platform indicate what traits they can best support through our physician survey.

When a patient joins, you tell us what values and traits you need in a doctor in a similar patient survey.

After you input your preferences, we run a humanistic 3-layer matching algorithm to deliver to you the most personalized results.

Browse through each recommendation, filter through distance or insurance, and see all the reasons why you're compatible with them.

That's it! Our service is completely free for use. Save your favorite doctors, call and email them directly, or even have us call them for you. We're here to deliver to most value to both patients and physicians.

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